It’s not often that a critic feels the need to defend their words and opinions. I decided to create this page after receiving an anonymous email of someone telling me that I had no right to critique theatre. They said “What do you even know about the performing arts?” Now while I don’t think you need all of this experience to be a theatre critic, I wanted to take the chance to defend myself. I wanted to show this person that I do have a background in theatre…and it’s pretty extensive.


bachelor of arts in Theatre: 

From 2012 to 2016, I attended Winona State University. Here I was a Theatre major and Public Relations major. During my time in the Theatre and Dance Department (THAD) I took over 45 credits worth of classes that taught me how to think critically and analytically in the performing arts as well as applying these things I learned in actual productions.

I had a B.A. in theatre from WSU which meant I took a variety of classes and received a very well rounded education in the arts. I took classes in technical design including Intro. to Technical Theatre, Design Communication, Costume Construction and Design Lighting and Sound. I studied Theatre History and Dramatic Literature along with Play Analysis. Many of these classes were hands on as well including a variety of acting classes from performance art to musical theatre, auditioning and even directing.

WSU’s THAD program is also an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

on and off the stage

Since middle school I have been a performer. I’ve been in countless of shows through middle school, high school and my undergraduate. They ranged from plays, to classical Shakespeare to musicals and even touring children’s theatre. When I got to college I continued acting in various products and even expanded my stage journey by diving into off stage experiences which included stage management, scenic building, house managing, and lighting design. Below are a few of my credentials and I mean it when I say a few there are many more.

Charles Guiteau in Assassins
Nick Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream
Rapunzel’s Prince in Into the Woods
Professor Balanzoni in The Venetian Twins
Stage Manager for A Tuna Christmas
Properties Manager for As You Like It
Dramaturg for Elephant’s Graveyard
Costumes and Dresser for August Osage County

working professionally: