VENA iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case vCommute


So here is the thing, I carry a lot of stuff around. Whether I’m at work, out with friends or just shopping, I’m carrying a lot. I have a personal and work cell phone, two sets of keys, a wallet and on top of that and Airpods depending on where I’m going. Because of this, I’m always leaving the house without at least one or two. Plus I don’t have enough pockets to carry everything which is why I am really happy I since I got a Vena phone case for my iPhone 8 Plus. 

The one I received was the iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case vCommute. This case lets me leave my wallet home sometimes and carry up to three cards plus my ID. The cards are kept hidden with a leather flap that bends in three different spaces. The foldable leather flap also doubles as a kickstand so that you can watch videos on your desk, at night on your bedside table or wherever!


The case is durable but not super clunky and doesn’t add a ton of extra weight to my phone either which is great. It’s the perfect level of thickness as well where it protects your phone, as it survived 26 drops from 4 feet high, but light enough that it doesn’t feel heavy. Because it’s not that thick, it also doesn’t interfere with Apple Pay!

The case is available on their website or through amazon. It’s offered in various colors including Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold. This case also is marked down from $39.99 to $27.99! Don’t have an iPhone? No problem! They have a ton of other cases for various phone companies and models.

Go to their website now to sign up for their exclusive deals and receive 20% off your first purchase.