Review: The Pakt One Travel Bag

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Over the last couple of years I’ve been traveling more and more. Last year I went to Denver for the first time and this year I went to Anaheim. Between those two trips I’ve also had countless New York City adventures, including another one at the end of October! I even went as far as to splurged and get a new credit card so I could start earning miles because the truth is, I love traveling. But you know what I don’t love? Packing. It’s the worst. The constant question is how should I pack? Do I pack a suitcase? Can I get everything in one checked bag? Well many of those questions are answered with Pakt, a new refined travel bag.

The Pakt One is truly a travel bag that is designed by experienced travelers. You can tell just by their marketing alone. Pakt’s tagline is perfect for how I feel about the subject of packing and that’s “obsessively designed for effortless travel.” I constantly obsess about where to put certain things in my bag but Pakt really has thought of everything. 


The first feature is that it really is easy to navigate to quickly access everything you’ve packed. There bag features four interior mesh pockets for storing smaller items that you may need to quickly find. The inside features two larger interior zipper pockets as well that are pretty spacious for a weekend or week long getaway. Pro Tip: Mario Kondo those clothes for even more space! 

There is also a padded internal laptop pocket that fits up to a 15’’ computer. The nifty, and convenient part is that you can access your laptop quickly from the top zipper if you have it under your seat on a flight and aren’t able to fully unzip the whole bag. 

One question that I know many will have is “Will I be asked to check this bag” and the answer is no! The Pakt One is an approved carry-one size for all major airlines. It can fit easily under airplane seats or even in an overhead compartment. The bags measurements are L 20’’ x W 10’’ x H 11’’. It also comes with a padded shoulder strap, you know for those times you’re running through the airport to get to your gate!

What I love about this bag is that not only is it useful, convenient and going to be perfect for my next trip, but I can feel good about using it. It’s made with the planet in mind and was created with a minimized environmental impact. The Pakt One uses durable materials and is produced under safe, legal and humane working conditions. I also enjoyed unwrapping it from the cardboard box to discover that it was 100% plastic free. There was no plastic in the packaging. 

The Pakt One really is the perfect addition for any kind of traveler. The sophisticated exterior duffel look gives off a chic look and the smartly crafted clam shell interior makes it logical to use. Plus it comes in three colors including Black, grey and navy! 


In short? Throw away all your other duffle bags and grab this one because it’s the only one you’ll most likely ever need.

Keep an eye out on my social media for videos of me packing for my trip to New York in October!

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Pakt sponsored this post. Although they provided me free product, all opinions are my own.