While theatre is my biggest passion, there is another one I have that is a big necessity for me. This passion helps me see so many shows and write as much as I do. That passion, you ask? Caffeine. Coffee. The good stuff. I don’t care if it’s iced, hot or even luke warm sometimes. As long as it’s caffeine, I’m golden. That’s the good stuff. That is why I’m so excited to say that over the last two weeks I’ve been trying Cafe Joe and have to say it’s pretty tasty.

Cafe Joe’s whole philosophy behind coffee is a pretty worldwide and universally accepted idea and that is to provide great tasting coffee without having to overpay for it. I’ve tried tons of different coffees from the normal store bought to fun and fancy ones online and I must say this one grew to the top of one of my favorites.


What’s so unique about is is that you can really create some pretty flavorful cups of coffee even if you’re just doing one cup versus a whole pot. They have coffee capsules that are compatible with a Nespresso along with Keurig K-Cups but I’m enjoying just the whole bean. I was always taught that whole bean is fresher and with new advances in technology I’m sure the capsules are great too, however I just can’t beat a freshly ground patch of beans made into coffee.

Cafe Joe also is so great to order because of the sheer range of beans they have. They have everything below in whole bean. Each bag comes in either a small 8.8 oz bag or a large 2.2 pound bag!

  • Boker Blend (Light Roast)

  • Brazil (Medium Roast)

  • Columbia (Dark Roast and also espresso beans)

  • Costa Rica (Dark Roast)

  • Decaffeinated Blend (Dark Roast)

  • Joe Americano (Medium Roast)

  • Rosh Hashanah Blend (Medium Roast)

By far my favorite is the Joe Americano medium roast. Normally I’m pretty stuck on light roast because it has more caffeine and just is a bit easier on the taste buds, however this one is great. It’s a very full flavor with sweet and nutty notes to it. I like that it has the medium flare to it while still tasting very bright and citrus like. It’s like the best of both worlds!

Thanksgiving Giveaway:

Currently Cafe Joe is also hosting a huge Thanksgiving Giveaway right now! To enter, simply log onto their website and the entry info should pop up. The prize package info is below. The Winner will be selected at 9 a.m. on November 26th.

Grand Prize: The prize box has a variety pack of Nespresso compatible capsules, 1 box of K-cups, 1 bag of whole bean, a pack of Turkish coffee and some company swag.

Runner Up: Choice of 2 non-variety pack items from site and a Cafe Joe tumblr.

Want to try your own?

You can order Cafe Joe and have it delivered straight to your doorstep when you order online. When you order, don’t forget to use BRETTBURGER for 25% off. You can click the DealSpotr button below to go to their page on DealSpotr button below to go to their page and locate the most updated list of deals for Cafe Joe. Don’t forget to use my code BRETTBURGER.

Cafe Joe sponsored this post. Although they provided me free product, all opinions are my own.