PODCAST: We're Not Dating: Episode 14 - Mood ft. Brett

We're not dating banner.JPG

Podcasts have quickly rose in popularity over the last few years. They range in everything from self help, to news, to comedy, to talk show style and just about everything in between. I’ve always wanted to start one but to be honest I don’t know what it would be about. So in the mean time, I’ll just use my friends podcasts!

We’re Not Dating is a podcast by two of my best friends, Conlan and Christian. These two have known each other for years and I met Conlan in college. My friendship with Christian soon grew after meeting him through Conlan. These two created a podcast to give advice and bitch about various topics. A few months ago I was featured on their podcast as a guest and I’m excited to say I’ll be doing it again this weekend! Below is the episode I was featured on. You can listen to it on Youtube or download the podcast wherever you download them!

This episode involves us talking about brunch, theater, puppies, and how Conlan's shameful abandonment solidified a friendship between all of us.