Product Review: PrettyLitter™

I grew up with dogs all my life so it was a bit of an adjustment when I moved in with my friend from college who has a cat (I am her adoptive father). Her cat, Naomi, is one of the sweetest cats I know and one of the few I actually like. But owning a cat is not easy, especially when you lived with dogs all your life. With dogs for example, you always know where you stand. They are easier to read when they are happy, angry or even hurting. That's where it's difficult with cats and that’s where PrettyLitter™ comes in. PrettyLitter™ has so many outstanding benefits for not only our cat but also for us!

It can be lifesaving!

PrettyLitter™ formula helps monitor Naomi's health in an easy way. The litter is like a fine and soft sand that almost sparkles and helps detect any health issues she may be having. After she urinates in the litter, potential health issues become clear as the litter changes color. The color change can help detect a variety of issues including bladder inflammation, bladder stones, urinary tract infection, and more! Knowing that something as simple as cat litter can help us keep tabs on Naomi’s health really lets us sleep well at night, while cuddling with her of course.

PrettyLitter™ is Convenient

My roommate Amanda and I are often very busy. We both are very career oriented and are out and about a lot. Sometimes needing to change the litter box slips our minds and we realize we are even out of it. What I love about PrettyLitter™ is the convenience it has by being delivered straight to my apartment every month. No more having to carry a heavy container of litter through Target, to my car and up the stairs of my building. Plus, PrettyLitter™ even includes free shipping!

No Smell, No MeSS, No Problem!

Due to living in a smaller apartment, we had to be strategic about where we put her litterbox. Unfortunately, the only spot was a closet near our living room. Because of this it often would smell to the point where we couldn’t handle it anymore. PrettyLitter™ involves highly absorbent crystals that don’t clump or leave smelly odors. Their formula absorbs the moisture and eliminates it while also destroying any sense of an odor. The litter is so small and fine that a large majority of it stays where it belongs…in the box! No more cat litter all over our nice hard wood floors!

Try It Yourself

As you can see,  welove using this product. It’s convenient, odor free and affordable even for a recent college graduate. While we only have Naomi, you can get more every month if have more than one cat. Now I’m inviting everyone with a furry feline companion to give up store brand go with PrettyLitter™! You can try a month of PrettyLitter™ yourself and even get 25% off by using my referral code BRETTBURGER and by using the button below to go directly to their website! You can also click the Dealspotr button to go to their page and locate the most updated list of deals for PrettyLitter™.

PrettyLitter™ sponsored this post. Although I received free product, all opinions are my own.