Sister Act at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre


Last week I had my first full-blown Chanhassen Dinner Theatre and I think I'm in love. The entire evening was perfect from the minute I walked in the door. Chanhassen is known for their long-running productions, extremely talented casts, and their delicious dinner. I had an amazing time and I'd do it all over in a heart-beat. I'd even pay money to see this fabulous production again! Chanhassen Dinner Theatre is bringing back it's 2015 regional premiere production of Sister Act - A Divine Musical Comedy.


Sister Act is a hilarious musical comedy about Deloris Van Cartier, a wannabe diva whose life takes a surprising and frightful turn when she witnesses a crime. After seeing someone, from her boyfriend's group of thugs, murder someone. After running to the police for help, they hide her away in the last place anyone would expect - convent! Deloris helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she also rediscovers her own in a sparkling tribute to the universal power of friendship.

This production was brought back by popular demand and for good reason. Everything about it is perfectly and expertly done. From the innovative and unique set design to the hilarious acting and to the outstanding vocals. The cast in this production is nearly all of the original cast from their 2015 production. Even Regina Marie Williams returns as the one of a kind Deloris Van Cartier and let me tell you...she's brilliant.

I've never seen Williams in a production before but she certainly won over a new fan that night. I spoke with another blogger who told me that she is pretty Twin Cities famous. Her portrayal of Deloris should be award-winning. She has impeccable comedic timing that would even make Whoopi Goldberg laugh her ass off (the one who originated the role in the movie). Her vocals were nothing short of stunning as well. Anytime she was on stage my mouth was either dropped in pure awe of her or smiling from ear to ear as to how hilarious she is. She is the definition of a powerhouse.

The rest of the cast is energetic and unforgettable. They each have their moments of shining whether it's a quick witty comment or a solo here and there. Sister Mary Robert, played by Britta Ollmann, has a voice that I'm surprised didn't legitimately blow the roof off. Norah Long, who plays Mother Superior, is strict, firm but kind and has a beautiful voice. I can't speak highly enough of this cast as they were one of the best group of singing nuns that I've ever seen.

Not only was the performance heavenly but the dinner was sinfully delicious. It really does make the experience unforgettable. Our waiter was superb. He anticipated each and every one of our needs, was just amazing. Both of our dinners were cooked to perfection and I'd drive all the way to Chanhassen just for the tiramisu again as well!

Chanhassen Dinner theatre is not just a theatre. It is not just a stage. It's a destination and an experience. Anyone who loves theatre should treat themselves to a night out and see this production. It's one of the best things I think I've ever seen or at least is easily in my top three favorite productions.

Sister Act runs through February 24, 2018. For reservations, call Chanhassen Dinner Theatre's box office at 952-934-1525 or visit their website here.

*Photo Credit: Heidi Bohenkamp