Les Misérables at Hennepin Theatre Trust

Les Misérable is a timeless musical (adapted from Victor Hugo's novel) takes place in 19th-century France. It revolves around the main character Valjean who has just served 19 years of prison (prisoner 24601) for stealing a loaf of bread. After being released, he breaks his parole and becomes an extremely successful mayor and businessman who eventually cares for a young orphan by the name of Cosette. However, he is haunted and chased by the infamous inspector Javert.

I've seen this musical staged twice prior to seeing this performance. I had seen a high school production (Which I still thoroughly believe high schools should be banned from doing this production) as well as the last time it toured back in December of 2011. I knew what I was getting into when I saw it and I knew it would result in many tears. However what made me so happy to see it this time around was my two friends who I decided to take with me for they had never seen a production of it.

I believe each and every actor did a splendid job in this production. Peter Lockyer who played the lead role Valjean, completely nailed it. His rendition of "Bring Him Home" gave me goosebumps by the end of the song. His impeccable vibrato and high register were absolutely beautiful.

However, when it comes to lead actors and actresses I can not stop raving about the Briana Carson-Goodman who played the role of Éponine. There was something about her performance that had me truly mesmerized through the entire production. Her performance of "On My Own" had the entire audience speechless and jaw's to the floor. There were true emotions behind it that had me captivated.

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I really don't have many negative things to say about this production. Towards the beginning, it was a bit hard to hear some of the actors to the overpowering pit orchestra. I also had a tiny critique about the actor who played Javert. At times it seemed like there was something strange happening with the back of his throat as he sang. I can't quite put my finger on it, however, I didn't notice it so much after the beginning of the first act.

Les Misérable is such an amazing musical that I really do recommend anyone and everybody to see it if they get the chance. It is one of those timeless musicals that anyone interested in or an avid fan of theatre should get the chance to see it. And no, the musical is not based off of the 2012 movie. And yes this actor does do it better than Russell Crowe, and yes this musical does put the movie to shame.