I'm Brett Burger, the owner of Brett Talk. I currently live in Minneapolis, Minn
and I work in Public Relations. I created this blog to share my opinions caues I have a lot of them.


Brett Burger: 


My name is Brett Burger and I'm the creator of Brett Talk. I have a lot of passions in my life including theater, politics, video games, and lots of Netflix. I'm loud. I can be stubborn. Want to learn more about me? Go look up Aries... because it's pretty accurate as to who I am as a person...for the most part. 

No matter what blog you read, there is a story behind that About page. It's something I think everyone hates writing because as much as people want to admit it, they hate talking about themselves. I don't mind talking about myself but it can be tedious sometimes especially when I've written and deleted this page multiple times. This blog is an exploration of myself and my views on things so really to get to know me, I invite you to read my posts. 

What is Brett Talk


Brett Talk is a rebrand of my original and first blog Coffee Talk with Brett, to which I only posted theatre reviews. I started it when I was in high school and since then I've become a very different person. While I'm only 25, I've seen a lot since I was a 15 year old student. Since then I've learned a lot more about myself. I have opinions. A lot of them. Very opinionated opinions. And for that reason, I wanted to expand what my blog could be.

So with this new site I want to explore new things. I want to write about experiences, trips, life, issues, and goals. So as I continue to grow as a person, so will this blog. There may be some posts focusing on a partciular issue more than others depending on how the world is going. Either way, it's gonna get real and I've never been more excited.


6.// Overwatch fan who mains Mercy and Moira.
7.// Sondheim is my favorite musical composer.
8.// Flavor blasted goldfish forever
(if you disagree…fight me).
9.// Ursula is the best Disney Villain.
10.// Very Gay and fuckin' proud of it,

1.// Probably drinking iced coffee regardless of the temp.   
2.// Degree's in Public Relations and Theater Arts.
3.// I'm the biggest Meryl Streep fan. That's all.
4.// Self certified honey mustard connoisseur.
5.// Bi-lingual: English and Award Shows.